Factors influencing voting pattern

Factors influencing voting pattern

 We can divide the factors influencing voting pattern in two types: Short term factors and long term factors. 

Good evening, friends. Welcome to the videoconference arranged by the Youth Club,
Ahmedabad. As you know, the subject of the conference is 'What's the way out ?'Teenagers of
Gujarat would discuss their problems with wellknown counsellors of the State, Dr.
Chandrakant Shah and Mr. Saurabh Bakshi. They will try to show the teenagers the right way.
Let's begin the conference with a question from a 15 year boy.
The boy :Good evening sirs. I'm Jignesh from Talod.
Mr. Shah :Good evening, Jignesh. What's your problem? Tell us.

Jignesh : Lack of self confidence is my problem. It has led me to indecisiveness. I cannot take a quick
decision. And, I feel I waste my time. I prepare a timetable but can't follow it. How can I build up
my confidence?

Mr. Bakshi :In which class are you studying, Jignesh?
Jignesh :I'm in class X.
Mr.Bakshi :Tellme,howmanydaysdoyouplanfor,Jignesh?
Jignesh :I go for monthly planning.
Mr. Bakshi : Jignesh, don't plan for a long period. Don't set such a difficult goal to achieve. Be practical.
Jignesh : So, should I plan for a week, sir?
Mr. Bakshi :Not even for a week. Plan only for one day and try to follow it. Get habituated to do like this.
Jignesh :Will it build confidence in me?
Mr. Bakshi : Certainly. Only a few minutes back, you said you can't follow the time table. This fact

discourages you. Follow your timetable for some days. It will boost your confidence.

Jignesh :Thank you, sir.
Anchor : Jignesh will be a confident man. Let's listen to the young lady on line.
Dilshad : N amaste sirs, I'm Dilshad from Rapar. My face is full of pimples. How can I get rid of them?
Mr.Shah :Whathaveyoudonesofar?
Dilshad : I've applied various creams but nothing has worked.
Mr. Shah : Dilshad, don't worry too much. Pimples are common at this age. They are sure to go.
Dilshad : Buthow?I'm tiredofapplyingcreams.
Mr. Shah :Don't get carried away by the ads. Better consult a skin specialist.
Dilshad :Thank you, sir.
Anchor :Dr. Shah, here is Antim with a question.
Antim :Good evening sirs, I'm An tim from Kavitha.
Dr. Shah :Good evening. What's your question ?
Antim :Sir,canablooddonoracquireHIV?
Mr. Bakshi :That's a good question. By the way, a student like you, cannot donate blood.
Antim :I know that, sir. Ijustwanttoknow.
Mr. Bakshi : It is quite safe to donate blood to an HIV patient. The blood donor cannot get infected because

the instruments are sterilized.

Antim :Thank you, sir.
Anchor :You should 'Know AIDS for no AIDS'. Before we conclude the conference, let's listen to
Barish's problem.
Harish : Good evening sirs, I'm Harish from Devgadh Baria. I have a habit of chewing gutkha. Because of

this habit, my teeth are spoiled. I wantto get rid of this habit. Please, help me.

Dr. Shah :In which class do you study, Harish ?
Harish :Sir, I'm a class IX student.
Dr. Shah :Howoldisyourhabit?
Harish :About two years.
Dr. Shah :Howoftendoyouchewagutkha?

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