Competitive examinations for Government jobs are taken by the Government of Gujarat. From now on most government jobs, merit is determined on the basis of such competitive exams, and appointment is done on merit basis. The approach of the government is commendable. All the candidates of this kind candidates are prepared for such competitive exams. Every person gets money for the preparation of this examination. Spend and buy a lot of books .There are some topics in each competition that are competitive It is useful in rickshaws, such as Gujarati literature. In most of the exams,Before the country was liberated, the British government had ruled for many years, but for the easy governance of a large country, he passed various laws. It is important for all of us to know about such a government, August Proposal, cripps mission etc. After this all India's constitution was formed when India was in the process of independence. Formation of the constitution was done by indirect under Cabinet Mission 2015 . On 26 January 1950. 284 members signed the Constitution. The first reading of the Indian Constitution took place on 4 November 1948. The Constitution was adopted on November 26,2050 The Constitution was implemented on 26 January 1950. Total cost was 64 lakhs for the constitution. There is a lot of information about the constitution. The Constitution has different Acts and powers. A lot of questions related to this format are asked in preparation of competitive exams, for which a file introducing the Constitution is placed on this website. Anyone can download and read on mobile. So, share this information. Further material will be put in the future in future. So keep looking.


ADVT. NO. ; 115/201617

EXAM DATE: 7/10/2018

NOTIFICATION: click here 

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