During the last diwali  vacation , our family went to pilgrimage to the religious places of north india.before we started , my father had promised me to show the famous taj mahal.it is one of the seven wonders of the world . when we reached agra, we hired a taxi,in half an hour we were in front of taj. the taj mahal is mausoleum built by emperor shah jahah in the memory of his empress,mumtaj.it stands on the river jamuna. it is one of the finest monuments in the world. first of all we passed through the gate way of redstone and green garden.there were fountains on the both sides of the marble way.we saw a majastic dome amid four white towers. i felt to live there for a long time . after observing the taj mahal  in all its glory for four or five hours.we returned to the stations.we had come   to agra in a special train from delhi. this train was to go back to delhi and we had   returned tickets. till today, i have never forgotten its glory.you read much about taj,but you can never have a complete idea of the marvellous monuments unless you see it for yourselves.


There are thirty teachers in my school. i like my english teacher the most. He teaches us english with good manner.He makes engish very easy for us. He is expet in his subject.We all love him and respect him.He always insists regularity in our work.He wants to make us independent in our work.he wants usto become a good citizen of our country. he is kind to us.he teaches us good lesson of life.whenever he gets arrangement in our class,he tells us interesting stories.he asks us puzzles.he is always ready to guide us.he is like our friend.we never hesitate to ask him any question . he is always ready to enrich our knowledge. he is a teacher of language but he never scolds us for our mistake. he kindly points out our mistakes and tries to improve our language. he is a treasure of knowledge. he is always in cheerful mood. he always teaches us with enthusiasm discipline but broad-minded in the field of education. he encourages us. he always makes us cheerful, when he teaches. his teaching has never become boring. i like him very much.


My favourite national leader is mahatma gandhi. he was born at porbandar in gujarat on 2nd octomber,1869. he devloped truthfulness and honesty in his childhood.when he grew up these virtues played a great part in his life.he got primary education at porbandar and secondary education at rajkot. he studied law at england and practised in india.he is the maker of morden india.he was one of the greatest men that had ever lived. he roused the nation and made her awake for her political rights. he united the people of india to fight against the british. he made india free after a non violent struggle. he was a lover of peace and humanity. he worked hard throughout his life for uplift of backward and down trodden. he fought against social evils like untouchability. he believed in thruth and non violence. he sacrificed all his joys and comforts. he lived and died in the service of the nation. the nation honours him as the father of the nation.

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